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Building images to put your dreams on it

Arzich da Gama Photographer

It all started with Iker Casillas photo.

Gustavo Arzich da Gama, born and raised in Porto, has many faces: Photographer, Architect, Artist, Urbansketcher, Marketeer. He realized that Photography was beginning to take an essential place in his life when he photographed, with some innocence, relaxation and admiration, an Iker Casillas’ advertisement in Porto and that, his photos were there after requested by the national press. Since then, he has never stopped photographing ...

His interest for photography begun at the Faculty of Architecture, as a way of expressing architectural concepts. Depending on how they were photographed, the architectural models acquired a human scale, looking almost like real buildings. And that fascinated him!

After his internship at Castanheira & Bastai Arquitectos office in collaboration with the architect Álvaro Siza Vieira, his enthusiasm for photography, which had pursued him since University, got the better of him. His architectural features – an attentive eye and creator of images and scenography -have led him since 2010 to devote himself completely to the art of capturing images.

His clients’ acknowledgement with whom he collaborated - Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, Renault, Vodafone, Graham's Porto, IBECAP, Câmara da Maia, AirBnB, among others - took him to dedicate himself to Architectural and Interiors Photography, which he identifies himself with, as a consequence of his  training.

However, his easy-going personality and his constant humor make him enjoy meeting and working with new people and  lead him to work in areas such as Fashion, Corporate Events, Bachelorette Parties, Equine Photography , among others.

Gustavo knows that your projects, your home or your brand are important to you. That’s the reason why the photos you want matter.

A lot.

When you’re looking for a photographer to work with, you’re looking for someone experienced, who makes the act of taking beautiful photos look effortless and takes pictures that reflect your essence and what you have in mind.

That's why Arzich da Gama's leitmotive is: "Building images to put your dreams on it".

If you want to communicate your dreams through photography, contact me here


“Gustavo is a dream to work with. Fun, creative, and professional. Its unique eye captures beautiful and fresh images that exemplify the spaces emotions. As he is also an architect, he captures spaces like no other photographer! Thank you for your beautiful architectural photoshoot!”

Stéphanie Branco , Architect


“Arzich da Gama has a remarkable path in photography development. A wide range of subjects and motives can be noticed in his work that are carefully analized and chosen. Introspective, serious but born with an incredible, rare sensibility this name is to be remembered for sure! Everyday his work gets better and better.”

Marisa Ferreira , Painter and Photographer


“Fantastic Work from a Professional Genius!”

Rui Duque Paula


“Excelente e profissional fotógrafo! A sensibilidade que tem é transmitida nas fotografias.”

Cristina Marcelino


“Originalidade e grande qualidade! Adorei a sessão que a minha amiga Ana fez. Linda!!! Parabéns”

Renata Almeida


“A essência do olhar! O dele e o nosso! Super profissional e acessível. Recomendo.”

Cristina Assunção, Gestora de Contas


“Acompanho o trabalho do Gustavo há um tempo e apenas reflete a pessoa que é. Olhos encantados que vêem além. Sensibilidade para criar e técnica para conseguir o resultado imaginado. Sem limites, vai cada vez mais longe. O infinito é teu caminho ?”

Claudia Magnus